Cambodia Tours

Cambodia Tours with us you will have truly experience this small country with an epic history movingly inscribed in its ancient temples and modern war memorials. Our thrilling Cambodia tours offer the chance to explore this history and embrace the fascinating culture of this pearl of South East Asia. Be inspired by the UNESCO-listed World Heritage site of Angkor, the largest religious structure in the world which stands testament to the power of the ancient Khmer empire. Angkor Wat, the most famous temple, is intricately carved and adorned by statues and reliefs devoted to the Hindu deity Vishnu.

A highlight for many people when they tour Cambodia is the chance to catch a traditional Cambodian Apsara dance, played by women portraying the classical myths from Hindu, Khmer and ancient animist traditions. On the banks of the mighty Mekong, Cambodia’s capital Phomn Penh is packed with cultural attractions, from the gleaming Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda with its silver tiles, stunning Baccarat-crystal and solid gold Buddhas to museums housing ancient treasures from past eras. Our exciting Cambodia tours also travel just outside the city to see the infamous killing fields of Cheoung Ek. These fields offer the chance to witness some of the more disturbing history of Cambodia.

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